Monday, September 2, 2013

over the weekend

school starts tomorrow. can you say "mixed feelings?" all over the place. i may or may not have cried a little last night for the stress of it all. felt like some sort of anticipation anxiety brewing in my soul. and it was also late. this chica is a little irrational after ten pm. but, today? apathy. and, tomorrow? elation? we'll see. it doesn't matter that this will be the 20th (!) time i've done this whole first day thing; it's always the same nervous setting out my clothes the night before, prepping my backpack, making a sack lunch, waking up extra early (even though my first class isn't until midday), feeling completely bright-eyed for the new year process. 

so, we kinda needed a weekend like this past once to give a final hurrah to summer. we dined at a french professor's home on friday night with the other french student instructors this upcoming year. in true french style, the dinner table was still occupied for an hour or so after we ate. there is something beautiful about prolonged dinner table conversation. 

saturday night, we went to laughin' night at the storytelling festival with that beautiful couple up there (mindy and paul). we particularly enjoyed the southern drawls, the hokey songs, and the exaggerated details that make ordinary stories somehow, a sweet southern accent makes comical stories even more hysterical. my favorite moment of the night was by a storyteller talking about the town where he grew up in NC. he explained how his family made up the town's population and that his was no family tree, but a growing family wreath.

oh, and did you know that phil and I are moving? small detail. nbd. we're in the slow process of it right now - moving things over to the garage of this bigger place while the inside is renovated to a better state. i mean, we really loved the original light blue and sunset orange carpet inside and all the permanent stains on it from decades ago, but not really. and our one-room apartment just wasn't going to cut it with this little babe's entrance into the world come december. we just thought it slightly unwise for him to sleep in a compact laundry basket or inside one of our dresser drawers, you know?. but, he wouldn't have been the wiser, right? well, baby is getting an upgrade and so are we. i'll post more pictures of our new place once we move in there for real and beginning the nesting period. that will be another semester "adventure" to share. 

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