Monday, September 23, 2013

i made a...

baby quilt! 
there was a tutorial on see kate sew for this
beautiful ombre quilt for a little girl, so I decided to boy the
colors up a little (even though a boy could totally have a pink quilt,
and I was so in love with the colors on the one kate made that I had to think long
and hard) and make this one for the little babes. it is the first 
quilt that I have ever began from the very beginning; the very 
first that I went out to choose the fabrics and then cut and 
pieced and hemmed and edged and, well, really quilted. 

now, for you fantastic quilters out there, please don't let this make your
eyes bleed. I know that I made mistakes and didn't line up everything perfectly,
  but I am just so pleased that I even completed this project and that
it looks as nice as it does. it 
gives me hope for a sewing future. 

and, it just makes me even more excited for what's going to be
snugly wrapped up in it in a few months. :} 


  1. Do you know Kate from seekatesew? Just wondering...she is a friend of ours and her blog has gotten so popular!

    1. I don't know Kate personally, but her blog is incredible and she's very talented!