Saturday, September 7, 2013

feisty baby and a freak rainstorm

twenty-six weeks, people. this means that 
the third trimester is approaching. gah!
 ^^ the little one growing inside is feisty these days! I feel as though my insides are rolling around when he decides to try his hand at backflips. and, I knows he's still so little, but he has some strong leg muscles. the other night, phil thought it would be cool to provoke him a little by poking around my belly. the babes responded with a firm kick back every time! it was so funny and cute, and of course I was impressed by his quick response to stimuli. but, hmm, it was maybe not so cute when he couldn't stop kicking around for another hour or so and this little momma just wanted to sleep.

okay, but speaking of tenderness and cuteness and ooey gooey feelings, I think my insides
melt a little of their own volition every time I see something that is not in its adult form. anything baby sized or baby looking is sure to send me beyond an emotional edge.
ex 1: baby birds in the rec center parking lot last night. i'm sure they weren't babies, but they were so minuscule and just hopping all over the place and pecking so adorably at whatever remnants of food were in the parking lot. ahh, I kind of gushed over them (not literally, thank goodness). phil was amused and a little concerned, as you can imagine. 
ex 2: watching a clip earlier today about a newborn baby and then one about a baby seal. babies!! usually, I am alone in those moments so no one has to witness the blubbering.

also, a word to the wise: do not ever watch, in whatever stage of life you are in (and especially if that stage is seeped in hormonal fluctuations), those "soldier comes home and surprises his wife/child/dog" videos. you will be doomed to a entire roll of toilet paper.

^^ oh, and did you know that a small hurricane hit utah today? yeah, it was pretty crazy. and awesome. and, okay, am I the only person who, as soon as it starts raining, thinks frantically to themselves, "did I leave anything outside?????"

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