Monday, September 16, 2013

but seriously, what am I still doing here at school?

was the question I {more or less jokingly} asked phil in a message that I sent 
from my office computer on campus today after I picked up this semi-important paper thing in the mail: 
my college diploma. 

for reals. me = college graduate. it only took 5 years of school + about 2 years off for a mission + 3 changes in my major + 31 roommates + 7 jobs + 8 moves + 1 marriage + 1 halfway grown child to get to this point
but, voilĂ ! 

^^ and, magna cum laude?? I have no idea how that happened

^^ yeah, and you'll have to excuse that slightly wild/
crazy-b/c- i've-been-on-campus-all-day look I'm sporting here.

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