Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the white family gathering

we spent last week in the
company of phil's immediate family.
we had so much fun playing settlers of catan,
ticket to ride, eating good food together,
and taking family photos to commemorate everyone
being together (something that does not happen
all too often).

 ^^ one of the main reasons for our family gathering was
to welcome home one of phil's best friends - his little brother zach who 
finished a 2 year mission to paraguay.

 ^^ i love watching the little nephews and nieces interact with phil. makes
me want to have lots of sweet little children with that man. but, of course,
we'll happily take them one at a time.

 ^^ the white family photo

^^ along with a few family photos of our own.


  1. Aw!! I love those photos of you and Phil. My heck, you're just the cutest little pregnant lady!!

  2. Ok just blog stalked you :) love that I saw you at the airport that day, and that my husbands tush made it in the picture of your hubby and nephew playing! Ha ha. Small world, and congrats on your babe!!