Saturday, August 31, 2013


I know it's not officially here yet, but seriously it's like three minutes away and this september means a few important things (to me, at least):

1. it means that I'm officially an MA student (although I already feel that I am since I've now taken a third of the classes that are required for the program). but, STILL, it's kinda a relief to know that, no matter what happens (what = this baby and how we are going to handle a newborn whilst attending graduate school. we are perhaps a little crazy, but it's a little too late now to reconsider: baby's already made), I've at least graduated from college with a degree that, even if I never can totally live up to it's potential to make lots of money (as a french teacher/tutor, you ask? when I say lot's of money, I mean like maybe the lower part of five or four figures), will at least mean that I am educated. 
yeah, that was a long sentence. i feel out of breath just having typed it.

2. it means that I teach another semester of french. 101 this time. is it terrible that I kind of relish in the semi-terrified looks I get on the first day of teaching 101 when we have to teach in french the entire time until we start going over the syllabus/class policies? good thing french has so many cognates and words that look the same as English (when I write them on the board to the relief of the students) so they don't get too overwhelmed. it's fun to remind them all at the end of the semester how much they progressed since their first day of frightening "bonjour"s and "je m'appelle"s. 

2. it means that there are no more extended breaks, no more summer vacations until this little's due date. bah! sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel all pre-pregnant normal and un-baby-ed and then, pow, I'm like "oh yeah, we're having a baby, and he's inside of me!" and then it's all happy dance time as well as a mix of a slightly surreal "wow's" and all these serious feelings. and, I mean, can you blame me? I've been waking up for more than 25 years without a person growing inside of me, 
so, oops, sometimes I forget.

3. it means that it's the 2 year anniversary from the time that phil and I first met then flirted then dated then engaged then married. (don't worry, I realize that "engaged" isn't properly used there, but I had a good flow going so...). I remember wooing him the first time we met in teacher training (me for french teaching and him for swedish) by telling him that my dad once knew a lot of swedish, and that even though he had lost most of it he could still sing off a very lovely and complete "itsy-bitsy spider" in the language. 
guys, he was sooooo impressed. 

4. it means that the sun will calm itself a little. geez, he's been working overtime the past few months.  thus, september means fall and, after this slightly hades-like summer, the rain and the leaves changing and the weather cooling off sounds like a dream! each season has it lovely moments and its woeful, shake-my-proverbial-fists-at-you-ones, and although I think that I've always loved the idea of summer, I've realized that I'm not necessarily a fan of its unrestrained hotness.  

5. september simply means new beginnings. school, everyone returning from summer adventures, potential, that encroaching fall smell in the air. 
and, ready or not it's here. go, laurel, go!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the white family gathering

we spent last week in the
company of phil's immediate family.
we had so much fun playing settlers of catan,
ticket to ride, eating good food together,
and taking family photos to commemorate everyone
being together (something that does not happen
all too often).

 ^^ one of the main reasons for our family gathering was
to welcome home one of phil's best friends - his little brother zach who 
finished a 2 year mission to paraguay.

 ^^ i love watching the little nephews and nieces interact with phil. makes
me want to have lots of sweet little children with that man. but, of course,
we'll happily take them one at a time.

 ^^ the white family photo

^^ along with a few family photos of our own.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

twenty-three weeks

and my selection of possible clothes and sleeping positions
may be waning but the baby's distinct kicks are increasing. 
I often reach over for phil's hand and place it on my 
belly so he can feel a little of what this guy is up to.  it's sweet 
to see phil's reaction when he gets a kick or two. 

Friday, August 2, 2013

oh, hey.

as of late, I...
^^ made this quilt with some of our old but beloved t-shirts
^^met a new friends (and his sister)
^^ went on vacation
^^started a baby blanket
^^and have continued to expand.