Sunday, July 21, 2013

over the weekend: a surprise visit!

 ^^ two of my dearest and longest friends. aren't they gorgeous?

danielle and I took a little road trip together to surprise kellyn
at her idaho falls open house this weekend. she was married last week in 
san diego to nick, and they are about to move across the country.
the three of us, between college/marriage/missions/children/work, 
haven't caught up with each other in years. so danielle and I thought 
that we would take the day, go up, and surprise kellyn.
 it was not only wonderful for danielle and I to talk/laugh like 
crazies on the ride up and down, but it was really a sweet moment 
for the three of us to be together again and just laugh, reminisce,
and, of course, bring out the silly in each other.

it's neat to see how we have grown up since middle 
school, girl's camp, sleepovers, high school, first dates, 
lake jumps, and all that teenage goodness.

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