Monday, July 29, 2013

halfway there

and we're halfway there!
I thought this picture of this mountaintop and my
growing belly mountain was appropriate. :)

just the realization that this pregnancy is at
its halfway point is kinda throwing me for a loop. where
has the time gone? I have been pretty lucky in the 4+ months in
that I haven't been too sick at all, haven't had to forfeit a lot of my
clothing (until this past week), and have felt really good so far. *knock
on wood!* I can now feel those little flutterings often in my stomach where
the babe's movements have become more distinct and I no longer confuse
them with digestion.  although, I think they correspond the most to 

when I haven't eaten to when I have eaten a larger meal;
it's baby's way of saying, "mooooom! I'm starving in here!" 
and "wow, mac&cheese tonight? you know what I like!" 

it's been a relief that up until about a week ago I could fit into most
of all my clothes, thus I could put on the hunt for maternity wear on
the back burner.
and then, seriously, from one night to the next morning
my jeans were like, "mmmm, yeah right, laurel. try us again after baby," 
and I have now resorted to the rubber band trick. but even that's
becoming uncomfortable, so it's good thing I have been bestowed with some

lovely maternity clothes from two charitable donors, though I will soon
have to go on the hunt myself. 

throughout this entire experience, I have just felt normal. it
all feels right, I am happy, and although the occasional realization 

that a human being with unimaginable potential is growing inside of 
me is a bit surreal, it is a surreal that is exciting and wonderful.

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