Monday, July 29, 2013

halfway there

and we're halfway there!
I thought this picture of this mountaintop and my
growing belly mountain was appropriate. :)

just the realization that this pregnancy is at
its halfway point is kinda throwing me for a loop. where
has the time gone? I have been pretty lucky in the 4+ months in
that I haven't been too sick at all, haven't had to forfeit a lot of my
clothing (until this past week), and have felt really good so far. *knock
on wood!* I can now feel those little flutterings often in my stomach where
the babe's movements have become more distinct and I no longer confuse
them with digestion.  although, I think they correspond the most to 

when I haven't eaten to when I have eaten a larger meal;
it's baby's way of saying, "mooooom! I'm starving in here!" 
and "wow, mac&cheese tonight? you know what I like!" 

it's been a relief that up until about a week ago I could fit into most
of all my clothes, thus I could put on the hunt for maternity wear on
the back burner.
and then, seriously, from one night to the next morning
my jeans were like, "mmmm, yeah right, laurel. try us again after baby," 
and I have now resorted to the rubber band trick. but even that's
becoming uncomfortable, so it's good thing I have been bestowed with some

lovely maternity clothes from two charitable donors, though I will soon
have to go on the hunt myself. 

throughout this entire experience, I have just felt normal. it
all feels right, I am happy, and although the occasional realization 

that a human being with unimaginable potential is growing inside of 
me is a bit surreal, it is a surreal that is exciting and wonderful.

Friday, July 26, 2013


we went to snowbird this week with the white family.
the tram takes you all the way to the top and boy, was it
pretty up there.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

over the weekend: a surprise visit!

 ^^ two of my dearest and longest friends. aren't they gorgeous?

danielle and I took a little road trip together to surprise kellyn
at her idaho falls open house this weekend. she was married last week in 
san diego to nick, and they are about to move across the country.
the three of us, between college/marriage/missions/children/work, 
haven't caught up with each other in years. so danielle and I thought 
that we would take the day, go up, and surprise kellyn.
 it was not only wonderful for danielle and I to talk/laugh like 
crazies on the ride up and down, but it was really a sweet moment 
for the three of us to be together again and just laugh, reminisce,
and, of course, bring out the silly in each other.

it's neat to see how we have grown up since middle 
school, girl's camp, sleepovers, high school, first dates, 
lake jumps, and all that teenage goodness.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

recently in life...

 yes, that is a human sized hamster ball.
 ^^first day of summer term at school; the joy of academia continue!  

^^ we eat food quite a bit around here.

 ^^ french teachers unite in a love of thai cuisine and a love of our chère céline.
^^ the fourth.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

it's a...

our little baby has something to show everyone about its identity:
(discretion advised - this baby has no shame)

over the weekend

phil planned a special, surprise anniversary
trip to salt lake this past weekend. phil gets so excited 
about surprises that I nearly have to tell him to 
not tell me what we are going to do. it's so sweet.
^^ we ate dinner at the greek restaurant that we
went to a year and a half ago. that was the same night that
we first told each other that we loved one another.

^^ on saturday, we went to a local belgian waffle 
place for breakfast and felt courageous (and silly enough) to eat the 
"mitrailleuse" or machine-gun sandwich (a baguette stuffed 
with fries, sauce, and sausages! heart attack!) along with a vanilla 
waffle with ice cream and blueberries. so, there was at least
one thing healthy about this meal: blueberries. :)

^^ we took a wonderful hike in big cottonwood 
canyon later that afternoon. However, since I am a carrying
a small oven on my lower abdomen I was admittedly a 
bit of a baby (no pun intended) on the way up the steep 
trail with all the crazy afternoon heat and with me sweating 
like, well, someone sweating a lot. cute image, I know. 
but, phil was a good sport with me (angel, that man) and it was well
worth it when we arrived at the top with the beautiful lake 
and the cool wind to greet us. 

 ^^ we had our anniversary dinner in an italian heaven.

^^ I love this picture, but I just realized that I had left my first button 
on my skirt undone. as you can tell, this girl had 
just a little to much to eat...

^^ on sunday, there were two french women at the hotel breakfast 
sitting near our table. every time I come across french people 
I find myself trying to devise ways that I can go and talk to them.
it's perhaps a little creepy but I just loooove french people.
anyway, at one point the women looked over at me and immediately
I said, "bonjour!" (a little too enthusiastically?), but they were so
 kind and spoke with me for a while. what a thrill! 
we also attended "music and the spoken word" that morning and then 
went to church. after church we ran into some special people that
both phil and my dad know through their connection to sweden. it was
such a cool coincidence.