Tuesday, June 4, 2013

part VII: bonjour, la france!

on our way to france
^^ we figured out phil's future in the airport by using the ultra-exact MASH technique.
looks like someone's going to be driving a tractor to work.
^^ on the train with me wearing 4 skirts (layering, people) so everything
else would fit in my backpack. the view of the french countryside 

 on the train to Paris was in bloom.
and, that's phil is sitting in the window of our small
 (but quaint) parisian hotel room. we did have to share
a shower and the bathroom with the rest of the floor. nice. 

^^ first baguette!
^^ strolling the afternoon away 
 ^^ some of my french favorites for dinner! delicious juice, baguettes, 
cheese, taboule, and mexican tuna. phil was a little hesitant 
before trying the tuna since americans don't mix anything too 
foreign into tuna except for mayo and mustard- but we are seriously missing 
out on the many tuna options here in the states. or, at least I think so.
by the way, I love the little witty inscriptions underneath the food 

package titles, but especially the one below the emmental cheese: 
"holed and cut into slices, 
life is not easy for emmental"

 ^^ a little cafe breakfast in montparnasse

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