Monday, June 3, 2013

part VI: over the weekend

I wasn't totally kidding when I wrote that
I would have part I - part XVIIVXX; 
there is just so much to share! but, we're winding
down with sweden and nearing the french part
of our voyage.

however, phil and I had a beautiful weekend before leaving
for france by being able to go to the temple for our church
there in sweden as well as to church services on sunday morning. 

we were invited to eat lunch afterwards with
an african woman lovingly named "mama phyllis"
that phil knew well when he was here a few years ago.
she is from ghana and her fried plantains were in.cre.di.ble!

^^ we served up the food and then ate it with our hands!
we then took a train to täby.

and saw this rune stone at the vallentuna church

we returned "home" and walked 
down to the lake to see the sunset.

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