Thursday, June 13, 2013

part IX: lille, hardelot, and the van peteghem's

do you remember how I met and became close friends
with this family when I came to lille two years ago?
the van peteghems are, hands down, some of the nicest people 
I have ever known. they befriended me two 
years ago when I first came, and they opened their 
home and their hearts again to us when we visited lille
 during our trip to france. in fact, they planned the whole
weekend around us: they picked us up from the train station, 
took us to my favorite museum and then we hopped over to beligium 
together. they fed us wonderful dinners during our stay and were 
persistant in making sure that phil really got a taste of "the north" - aka: 
lots of frites and an interesting meat stew at one of the local flemish 
style pubs.they even took us to their beach house up in hardelot 
(right on the english channel) for a weekend of dune games, 
walks in the forest, shrimp fishing on the shore, and lots of late
 night card games.when they dropped us off on sunday to go back 
to paris (before we returned to sweden), marie and I embraced 
and I couldn't help but tear up with feelings of overwhelming 
thankfulness for them. they are such wonderful people
 and I couldn't believe, once again, how sincerely 
and unconditionally kind they had been toward us.

merci infiniment, didier et marie! 
nous vous attendons ici en utah!

^^ one of my favorite places

^^up the clocktower in tournai

^^on a bike ride before dinner
^^the most incredible crepe griddle where everyone makes their own. it
was our savory crepe maker for dinner and our sweet crepe maker for dessert.
vive la france and all its culinary delights!

^^ on our way to hardelot

^^ so windy!

^^ a flemish pub-style dinner with
after dinner games


  1. I LOVED the crepe griddle my french family had. Looks like the exact same one. I wanted to see if I could get one here in the states but I can't find one anywhere, sadly not even online.

  2. Your post is absolutely beautiful, really. I love the way you talk about their family. They are one of a kind. All of the pictures are taken and put together so well. You have such a beautiful perspective on life. Thanks for sharing! It wasn't until I was looking over them again that I saw the picture of Agathe that Phil photobombed. Oh I laughed so hard.

  3. Aw Laurel! I love all the pictures. Especially the two pictures of Phil and you each pursing your lips. So funny! Great shots! You really captured the trip through your photos.