Sunday, June 16, 2013

oh dad, I love you!

dear dadders,
thanks for being such a good man from the beginning.
thanks for loving your family and for doing
what you know is good and right. (this picture is
from the day he came back from Sweden).

thanks for marrying this sweet english rose

and for staying married to each other for all these years,
showing us that love can grow stronger and better.

thanks for hanging out with us and for being silly.

thanks for coming and rooting from the sidelines.

thanks for sharing your love of food with us and 
making us learn to clean our plates.

 thanks for appreciating me

and for giving us the chance of "livin' the dream,"
or as you called it, LTDing.

thanks for being one of my dearest friends 

and for ALWAYS making us laugh. a lot.

thanks for loving me enough to give me to another
wonderful man.

 and, thanks for just being you. 

I love you! happy father's day, dad.

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