Tuesday, May 21, 2013

where we've been

phil and I have been home now for a few
days from our vacation of vacations in europe, and
it was, of course, wonderful! 
I am excited to share 
about our adventures abroad. be prepared for 
parts I - XXVIII! 

 although we have seen and experienced many beautiful places and
 caught up with some cherished friends, we are glad to be sleeping 
once again in our own bed, and we love, for 
example, being able to speak english with cashiers at
the grocery store instead of mental preparing ourselves in swedish
or french. not that that wasn't fun; we loved getting back into the culture
and languages of the countries we love. it's just nice to not to have to
 think twice when being asked if you have a store loyalty card
(and the unfamiliar vocabulary associated with such a question).

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