Thursday, May 2, 2013

sweden tidbits so far

just hanging out in stockholm, sweden.

highlights so far:
+ tsa officer in denmark: "why are you going to sweden?"
me: "we're going on vacation there."
officer: "that's a terrible place to go on vacation!"
me: "okay. ummm, tack ska du ha!"

+ everyone has beautiful shoes. we go to the metro
and it's like, "I want those and those and those..."

+ yesterday the sun was so bright and
we saw people sitting on benches outside with
their faces toward the sun with their eyes closed.
it was as though they hadn't seen the sun in months (which
is probably the case).

+ the first day we came was Valborg - a holiday where
 Swedes light big bonfires at night
to welcome spring.  I just wanted to know
where the s'mores station was...

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