Thursday, May 30, 2013

stamped and chevron-ed

for a baby shower last week, I had a bit of creative fun making
some cute potato stamped pants and onesies as well as some
sweet chevron leggings for the soon-to-come babe of a friend.

the process was so simple. all I did was take one potato per stamp 
(I did a heart and a triangle), cut it in half, pen out the shape in the middle of 
the halved potato, and then I cut around the shape and down about half an inch so 
that the shape stuck out. then I painted the shape-stamp with black acrylic paint (but,
it's probably best to use fabric paint - alas, I had none at the moment) 
for each stamp I did on the fabric.

as for the chevron pants, I used pieces of scotch tape to create
the design across the pants and then sponged white fabric paint into the area 
between the tape. at the end I peeled off the tape
and voilĂ ! They aren't perfect, but I like them better that way (and,
hopefully, the soon-to-be momma does too).

^^ these were my favorite


  1. Laurel love! How cute and creative this was! I love it!!

  2. That's pretty smart! They turned out really cute. Props!