Friday, May 31, 2013

part IV: of ships and favorite stores

in stockholm we went to the vasa museum 
which contains this massive swedish warship (named the 
"vasa" - imagine that!). it was built in the early 1600's
 in order to go and aid the swedes in one of 
their wars since they were the powerful guys of 
the baltic sea at the time. about 10 minutes into her 
maiden voyage, and still in the stockholm harbor, the vasa, 
top-heavy and loaded with an insufficient ballast, succumbed to a few
measly waves and sunk right there, not even a mile away from shore. 
ouch, right? they could never locate and unearth the ship from the bottom
of the harbor so they let it be for about 300 hundred years until
an archeologist went out to hunt for it and found it. it was then hoisted up
out of the sea and since the baltic is so brackish and 
the mud was so thick upon it, the boat had been 
completely preserved. they put it back together and

I honestly thought that the tale about the sinking of the poor vasa was both
quite tragic and slightly comical (although I am sure it wasn't at the time).

here she is!

loved the painting's unimpressed expression.

there was a game where you could build your own ship
and fill it with ballast, choose its dimensions, and then sail it.

as you can tell, ours did not fair very well on the open sea.

after the vasa museum we went to one of our favorite places.
can you guess where? take a clue from those yellow bags. 

but, not just any IKEA but the biggest IKEA in the

world! It has four floors, three cafes (one at which we ate dinner),
and I was ready to hunker down in one of those bed displays after 
navigating the entire store to reach the exit. 

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