Tuesday, May 28, 2013

part III: gamla stan

gamla stan, or "the old town,"
is one of the oldest areas of stockholm. 
therein lies the king's castle, the parliment building,
cobblestone streets, and the narrowest alleyways.

before walking over there though, phil wanted to show
me one of the most picturesque locations: a lookout over the city. 

the building on the left is the place where
the Nobel Prize is awarded each year.

a little too thrilled to see a familiar acronym.

the gates leading into gamla stan

donald duck is big in sweden,

 as is 7Eleven. we felt reassured knowing that we 
could get a slurpee whenever we might be in need..


  1. You stylish lady you! I love your trip photos!! Keep posting them! I want to live vicariously through you :))