Saturday, May 25, 2013

part I: stockholm, sweden

welcome to sweden!

after arriving at the airport we made our way
to the home of a friend of phil's named mojgan.
she and her family were so kind to let us stay with
them throughout our visit.

our breakfast (along with some museli)
I'm not the biggest fan of plain yogurt, but

after trying this kind I craved it every morning. 

on the tunnelbana

a glimpse of the city

you can probably figure out where we went
on our first day: 

there was an exhibit on "risks and danger,"
and there was a wall full of drawings by school children
where they had drawn and described what seemed to them to be
a risk. here: "I think that it's a risk to go across the street."
the little speech bubble says, "Help!"

cute bathroom shot.

the coolest postcard ever made out of wood. you
pop the little animal out and fold it to make a figurine. 

it was so sunny! we felt lucky because it didn't rain at
all while we were there, which is uncommon.

at the grocery store: swedes must have there knäckebröd

and their sleeves of jam (for refilling jam jars).

our heavenly meal at the end of the day in stockholm and what 
we were told (by good authority) was the best kebab in the city:

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  1. So cool! Thanks for posting these! Hope you guys are doing well!