Friday, April 19, 2013

reading days: concentration and curry

reading days before finals constitute a strange sort of 
limbo between the end of school and final exams. 
sort of the calm before the storm, you could say. 

studying builds up hunger so we went out and met friends at indian
palace on one of our reading days. hello all-you-can-eat buffet lunch!

our placemats became a release of creative energy.

our walk home is dotted with blossoming trees.

(p.s. we have totally been glued to CNN all morning long and we
are saddened by what's happening in Boston. we pray 

that all will be resolved and that healing can begin 
soon for those affected by
the bombings. this sweet picture of
the little boy killed in the bombing hurts
my heart. "no more hurting people. peace. ")

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  1. haha i know that reading day feeling all too well!
    lovely blog :)