Tuesday, April 2, 2013

let's go to spain today

a long time ago (when I actually spoke decent
Spanish), I dreamt of going to Spain and participating in
this. I had heard about it, and afterwards created an entire
inspiration board behind my bedroom door
covered with pictures of it in hopes of
someday going.

well, unfortuntately I never realized my late teenage dream
of going to La Tomatina, but when I went on 
an internship in France two years ago
we made our way down to the country 
of pasión one weekend. we walked everywhere,
visited so many museums, and ate churros and hot chocolate.

it was colorful, warm and so Spanish.


  1. Me gusto much. Parkque del Retiro? La Reina Sophia! Ay.

  2. that is exactly where we were. good eye. :]

  3. Love the picture with the black light!