Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I get graduated"

phil and I went to a jazz concert tonight {BYU Synthesis blew us away!} and as we walked back to the car afterwards
it dawned on me: two weeks! yes, two weeks until this little lady
finally graduates! with that realization I turned to phil and said,
"phiiiil! I get graduated in two weeks!"

and, then we both promptly laughed at the irony
of that terribly formed sentence. 
have I learned anything in college? 
grammar, perhaps? well, clearly not enough to stick...

so, in an effort to erase my egregious grammar mistake, 
let it be known that
" I WILL graduate in two weeks."

just hoping that all I've learned in these past few years 
won't dissipate and end up on a shirt like this:

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