Sunday, April 28, 2013

camera love //

there's a new camera on the block
and she's all mine! I have been pining for a 
sweet dslr camera for about the last forever and 
we finally have one. she's a canon t3i, and she's 
a real beauty. now I am perfectly excited
all the photos we will take during our 
soon-to-come european voyage.

and, seriously, the difference between my old 7.2 megapixel sony
cybershot and this 18 megapixel canon is downright silly. we'll
keep mr. sony around though because he's always been
a stalwart snapper. but, I have fallen in love with a new machine.


  1. Ooh! What a lovely new dslr! Lucky you ;) You will be a regular pro in no time.

  2. That's the same one I got in January! Isn't it great? I have so much fun with mine.