Friday, March 1, 2013


 happy birthday, phil!
^^ happy birthday, my love!                                                ^^ preparing for the surprise        
 ^^ the fare

 ^^ that face!
 ^^ wishing

I surprised Phil on his birthday yesterday by blindfolding him after he got home from school, stuffing him in the car {figuratively, of course :]}, and taking him to a nearby hotel where I had booked us a room for a night away from, well, our normal routine. It was fun to change things up and make Phil's birthday special even though we couldn't go far. We ordered in pizza from a local boston-style pizzeria, sang over Phil's favorite butter cake, and ate in the huge king-sized bed while watching our new favorite swedish mystery series "Wallander" (with subtitles for me of course, although my swedish really has been improving!). I think it is important in marriage to make a big deal out of anniversaries, birthdays, and even small accomplishments. It helps us know that we are loved, known, appreciated, and celebrated by the other.  

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