Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i love you, i love you not

five little things i currently love :
1. waking up late on saturdays (like, sleeping in after 8 am)
2. mexican food dates.

3. honoré de balzac. he's majorly helping me with this french paper. merci, b.!

4. this blog and the hopes that I will one day be better acquainted with my Singer.

5. the sun shining outside.

three little things i {am trying but failing to} currently love:

1. final term papers.
2. waiting for this.
3. my hopelessly distracted self: "I am going to write this paper!Yes! I am motivated! But...hmm, I should probably check to make sure nothing exciting of FB happened during this 5 minute break. And, on CNN?" Palm to forehead.

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