Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have irrational fears. I do not like studying alone in the front
room late at night (hello, there are scary things outside at night - 
like cars driving by and cats meowing and GRASS). and
of course I fall asleep if I try studying in bed and of course Phil
finishes ALL of his homework weeks in advance (I am not kidding)

 while I'm the lazy one who puts off everything until the.very.last.minute.
so he can go to bed at a normal hour and I, well, cannot. but just look 

at this picture! Phil so kindly humors my irrationality by sleeping
 in the front room while I study late into the night so I don't just give up
(because of the thoughts ruminating in my mind of bad men 
just outside our front door looming over my back as I read 
and type - where have these come from???) and go to bed.

anyway, i just couldn't help but snap this and tell the
world how wonderful this dear boy is.