Saturday, March 9, 2013

365 challenge: week 11 - yoga and IKEA

highlights of the week:
^^ yoga wednesday. it was so good
that I still felt its effects waking up this {saturday} morning.
hello, hamstrings!

^^ we might have gone to IKEA...again!
phil was clearly very pleased about our free IKEA meal cards. 

^^ enjoying one of the chic "living rooms" in the middle of the store.
seriously, could you just transplant any one of those
"rooms" into our house? I'll take them just as they are.

^^ best ride down the aisle ever!

^^ new comfy spot
^^ because someone has too many shoes...
(I am going to paint this soon, so be looking for a project update)
handsome phil about to go and present a project 
on photoluminescence at a conference. neeerd. :}

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