Thursday, February 14, 2013

love // be mine

saint valentine's day. I've always loved this holiday -- 
single, dating, married, it has always been good to me .
I mean, who can say no to chocolates
 and funny Hello Kitty valentines,
even if you have to buy them for yourself?

^^ phil ran out while I was getting ready this morning to get a dozen of these
little red mamas. it may seem cliché but I love 
fresh flowers. they're special, especially during 
such the cold, gray winter -- they're an instant pop of color 
and life! what I like to do when the roses begin 
to die/wilt is cut off the bloom (tossing out the stems)
 and let them dry in a big mason jar. once dry,
I close the  jar and, voilà, new shelf decoration. 

 ^^ I called Phil's mom to get her recipe for avocado chicken, and, despite
my limited culinary abilities, all went well {especially when it came to eating it!}. 

so, here's to one of the best v-days spent
with my eternal valentine.

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