Tuesday, February 5, 2013

beautiful walls project

I love the look of overcrowding a wall with framed photos
and prints.  Isn't this beautiful? 
 (photo from style by emily henderson)

with this inspiration in mind, I set off to
the thrift store to purchase as many frames in various sizes
 as I could find. I painted some of them, took out any of 
the old images they had inside and replaced them 
with some homeless prints, projects,
 and old and new photos that needed framing
The project isn't over yet, but here's what I've done so far:

happiness is homemade


  1. You have a blog?! I had no idea! I love the pictures! What cute walls! They're very spring-ish with all that green. Did it take a long time to configure all the frames so that they fit together like that?

  2. Laurel I love it!!! (Also I love the wall paint color - did you guys paint your place? I wish I could, but rental... no paint here) I love the clustered in a corner look, super cute!

  3. The walls in the kitchen were green when we moved in. They had just repainted them.

    And, I didn't plan out the frames that much. I had quite an assortment of sizes, so I just started putting them up.

  4. Laurel! You are the cutest! Way to use your aesthetic eye! The paint on your walls is fab. So jealous!