Monday, February 25, 2013

365 challenge: week 9

just trying
to keep our heads
above water. but, as the bard
once coined, "all's well that ends
well," and despite 4 midterms, it did finish out
pretty okay because we ditched school friday (although
ditching would involve actually missing school and I
don't have Friday classes...) and went skiing! it was great, but I 
realized something about my present self: I am a coward! I used to fly down those 
black diamond runs with caution-tossing joy, but now? I was like, "mmm, can we do some
more blue square ones?" and for the first hour or so I was very aware of any potential dangers that
threatened bodily pain. phil finally made me go down a black diamond full 
of moguls (which I aptly call "mongrels") and I majorly ate it. but then I became so irritated with myself that I started skiing better (anger = better skiing), loosened up and, bam!, 
it was like I was my 11 year old ski queen self again. hopefully she'll come out 
again especially since we have two more ski passes and I don't want to hold 
crazy-"we-should-race-on-this-triple-black-diamond"-skier husband back. 

but, you know, those green circle runs honestly were fun.

^^ by mid-day the sun came out

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