Monday, February 18, 2013

365 challenge: week 8

it was a week full of love (1 year since we were engaged & valentine's day)
 and lots of food. as you can see, we eat. a lot. and, recently we 
have been doing more cooking outside of the normal fare 
of quesadillas and pasta so I thought
it merited a bit of camera time.

plus, you'll see this face (below) a lot because
he's just always my type of kodak moment.
 ^^ I just love my dear philip!

 ^^ sunflowers still growing

 here comes that sun!

 ^^ the perks of being a nice french teacher.

 ^^ tiki masla. we only did it
to stick to tradition and, of course, realllllly hated it. :]

 ^^ that's my "yes camera, I just cooked Phil a delicious Valentine's 
day meal all by myself" smirk.
miracles happen, people.
(p.s. talk about flash + already super white skin = albino laurel!)

^^my favorite part was sharing that bag of grapefruit sours with Phil.
he is so generous with sharing the things I get for him with me. 

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