Sunday, February 10, 2013

365 challenge: week 6

this week's top *adventures* included two essays and a midterm test
in one of my hardest classes. but, sunday came and phil and I just love sundays. 
they are still busy, but they have a certain sense of 
refreshment about them that clean out any junk left 
over from the week and leave us ready and feeling
(more or less) prepared for monday.

^^this week I wore some shoes (oh, the thrilling life I lead!)

^^and looked at my old stamp collection

^^and went to a pretty place at the top of a hill

^^and ate late-night strawberries, drew an idea schema, 
and played the computer keyboard as though I was mozart

and were invited to a little fiesta "hem" jackie/dane where they gave us party hats,
hand clappers, and many many laughs. 

^^ I also took a test at the testing center (and I thought majoring 
in the humanities would keep me far away from this dreaded place!) 
and came out to see that the line went back past the brimhall building {!}.
poor last minute testers.

^^and last but not least, we may or may not have been initiated into 
the most intense and intricate game in existence.

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