Sunday, February 3, 2013

365 challenge: week 5

this week has been a bit overwhelming with school and work.
students took tests and turned in compositions. I heartily agree with something
a teacher once told me, "I don't get paid to teach; I would do that for free. I get
paid to grade." and, I have papers and tests myself. but senioritis is slowly
paralyzing my work flow...

but here's the week's breakdown:
we went to school, it snowed a lot, 
the sun finally showed up (poor january, nobody really liked you), 
friends came over, I made soup, 
we ate danish blueberry ice cream cake (thanks, jackie & dane), 
and I went to the thrift shop and purchased a couple 
photo frames for a new montage in the kitchen.

the sun
 makes me squint!
 yes, yes, it's beautiful, and there's no nasty inversion/pollution.