Saturday, January 19, 2013

thursday date night

we headed south for the weekend  to support phil's momma 
running in her one billionth marathon - seriously, 
the dear woman runs and runs and runs! it's incredible!

we were {one} excited to escape the cold that never seems 
to rise above adolescence (high of 13 today! wooh!)
to a balmy expected high of 58, 
and {two} so glad to be with family.

since we left on Friday afternoon, we decided
to have date night on Thursday {a school night! gasp!} instead.

{despite our sheepish smiles here, we really were excited to go out}

india palace is our favorite place to go 
if we want if we want good food that is tried and true.
we are just boring enough
not only to order chicken tiki marsala 
every time we go but to order two of them: 
one for phil and one for me.

and then we talk about our classes
and grad school and medical school
and what we are going to do
with the rest of our lives
and how the biggest decision of places to
move to in the future is almost 99.9% based
on how warm that place is.

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