Wednesday, January 2, 2013

looking back on 2012...

2012 was one of the best years of my life.
here's a month to month breakdown of the best moments
the year two zero twelve brought to me.

was when I spent New Year's Eve with my sister's and Phil at Temple Square 
 and seriously courted this handsome devil.

was when someone gave me a shiny ring that fit on my finger
 and had my first real valentine.

was when we planned a mardi gras party for the French club
and registered for some fancy kitchen gadgets at BB&B
 and when I danced in the fiji section of the BYU Lu'au.

was when we made ice cream using the extra liquid nitrogen with phil and his physics lab comrades
(note: we did not consume liquid nitrogen)
and had spectacular engagement photos taken by the talented laura sumrak

was when the same laura took our groomal/bridal photos and gave them back to us {edited} the very next day. we were thrilled with her work!

was when my dearest Mindy threw me a spectacular bridal shower
 (the mastermind of the fête herself)
 and when we decided that my wedding dress would be better if made out of flushable fabric

and was when I married my best friend, Philip, and had the best day

 and decided to eat a little cake to celebrate the occasion. 

was when we went on a honeymoooooon up the California coast to San Francisco 
and spent a week in the mountains
 and nested and visited IKEA often

was when we conquered a hike
 and saw Harmony married off
 and went on a surprise pre-semester camping trip
 and enjoyed the wedding reception of this scandinavian match

was when we made a fort

 was when my little brother married dear Tara
and when Olympic dreams came true

was when we spent a pretty penny on some new wheels
 and spent thanksgiving together
 and when I turned a quarter of a century old
 and tooted
{a french horn}

was when we escaped to mexico
 and celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ
 and had our first christmas together
 and enjoyed the season of brightness.

oh, 2012, you were so good.

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