Friday, January 4, 2013

cross-stitched heart sweater

 I came across a DIY cross-stitched 
heart sweater idea the other day and thought it
could revamp
 an old knit sweater that has been idling
in my closet
. since phil was out for the night 
at a basketball game, I had some time on my hands 
for a little project. it took me about two hours and two
brian regan comedy shows to complete, 
and I am pleased with the result.

here's what you need:
- shirt/sweater/long-sleeved t-shirt
- the grided heart print-out off this site (or just make your own
like I did with paper, a ruler, and an ink pen)
-a needle (preferably with a large eye)
- embroidery floss or any thick thread

here's what you do:
- pin the heart grid onto your shirt/sweater
- sew X's
- once X's are finished, wet the paper thoroughly
and tear the paper off little by little 
(wetting the paper before removal makes it easier to get the
paper off the shirt without loosening the delicate thread X's)

though the black and red may seem to have been an intentional choice,
I actually ran out of red thread in the middle of the project! of course!
I was too impatient to wait and go to a craft store the next morning
so I supplemented the rest with black. 
(and you may or may not be able to see the mustache t-shirt that I am wearing underneath the sweater here . oops.)