Sunday, January 27, 2013

365 challenge: week 4

sunday, january 20

a take of saint george from the living room.

monday, january 21
phil and I watched MLK Jr.'s enitre "I have a dream" speech for 
FHE and then I did homework until 2 in the morning in the front room.
it gets COLD in our front room so I donned a warm headdress to help me get
through some readings without chilling over.

tuesday, january 22
this is on our fridge. I cut it out of a NY Times
and I just think it's

wednesday, january 23
I broke my 365 challenge today by not taking a picture. Oops.
With all that's going on, I totally forgot. BUT, 364 days won't be a totally failure.

thursday, january 24
there was freezing rain that covered EVERYTHING with
a thin film of extreeeeeemely slippery ice. KSL said that between 5am and
noon there were over 179 car accidents combined in this area.
And, walking? It was nearly impossible. 
 this was our iced over windshield ^^

friday, january 25
we went on a well-deserved date night after a week of
getting home from school after 8 every night.

saturday, january 26
a wonderful lunch with even more
wonderful company. 

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