Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 challenge: week 3

sunday, january 13
we had a gigantic omelette for breakfast, 
and grapefruit season has begun.

 monday, january 14
this is what our sink looks like in the morning
after we decide that sleeping is preferable to getting
sudsy with the dinner plates.
happy morning food encrusted dishes! yay!

wednesday, january 16
I hung our wedding bouquet in the corner of the
living room months ago.

 thursday, january 17
planting a flower garden in the kitchen
in an effort to bring springtime early
(if only inside the house)

friday, january 18
maybe it's time that someone invests in some new gray tights, hmm?

saturday, january 19
I am becoming my high school physics teacher
with this sock & birkenstock pairing.
in my defense, it was warm enough to wear sandals
outside here in st. george but the socks
just added some extra, desired warmth.

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