Sunday, January 13, 2013

365 Challenge: Week 2

sunday, january 6
thank you, ikea, for keeping our couch colorful

monday, january 7
just getting home after our first day back at school
(the last first day for me!)

tuesday, january 8
taco tuesday is serious around these parts

wednesday, january 9
polka polka

thursday, january 10
we filed our taxes and felt so rich afterwards
that we decided to *splurge* on some fatty beto's burritos

friday, january 11
flashback to new caledonia when I found these old photos
(of new cal itself back in the 50's) scattered all over the sidewalk next
to a trash can that had tumbled over. someone was trying to
rid themselves of these vintage prints! well, one man's trash
is now this {wo}man's treasure.

saturday, january 12
cute swedish cookie

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