Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 challenge and 2 simple goals in 2013

as cliché as it seems, the new year is an important time to contemplate the future. the whole of twelve fresh months ahead, unblemished, seems the perfect blank canvas for new perspectives and inspired goals. but, I think it is good to realize that if I want to change and be better (physically,  in 2013, I need my objectives to be simple and driven by a desire to develop myself and enrich my life as well as my husband's and our future family. 

so, I decided to follow some advice and choose a 365 challenge and 2 simple year goals based around my physical and emotional well-being. I will update my progress on these goals in this here corner of the internet world and in my own journal. 

365 Challenge
Take a life photograph every day of the year 2013 
and post them here each Sunday.
I suppose this self-challenge stems from my love of photographs. I love scanning through lifestyle blogs and albums. Phil ALWAYS catches me going through old photos or looking at photography sites. they inspire me to see the beauty that lies in the everyday moments and in the places and events that perhaps become blurred with time or taken for granted. I don't have much fancy equipment - only my old silver sony cyber-shot (although I have my eye on this little beauty for a future investment) - but I love snapping away and finding small wonders in the daily comings and goings. So, that is just what I am going to do

2 goals
 1. Be wiser in my choice of foods: Drink more water, eat more home-prepared meals as well as more vegetables and fruit
Phil and I have MAJOR sweet teeth (is that the plural of "sweet tooth"?). He once told me that he never knew anyone that loved candy more than him until he met me. Growing up, for me Halloween did not mean costumes and pumpkins (though those were major players in the holiday), it meant me running from house to house with my pillow case dreaming that I would fill it to the brim with sugary loveliness in the form of raspberry Tootsie roll pops and M&Ms. Yet, even as I grow older I still have that childhood love of all things sweet and over time I've seen how it affects my energy levels and even my mood. So, although I am not waving goodbye to all sugar, it's time to wave goodbye to Mr. Candyman and cut out all sodas and welcome healthier snack choices back onto my plate and water into my cup. I may not ever have the childlike desire to run around and fill my pillow sack to the bursting with broccoli, but I will strive to put into my body what it really needs to keep its engine running strong.

2. Serve someone each week
I think back to a time when I was in New Caledonia spending nearly every day for eighteen months trying to do good things and teach good things to others in an effort to make people happy. in those months of serving others, I felt that I was one being the most benefited - the way that it made me feel to be a comfort to others gave me purpose and was satisfying. As a student, a teacher, and a wife I find that my time is often scheduled away doing significant things as I strive to do well in these areas, but I know that I can make time to serve others and help to make others happy. My goal is to take time each week to serve someone with my time and with my words - write a card, visit someone, make a treat (of which I will try not to lick the bowl - refer to goal #1), do something specific to help someone else or to bring them a bit of joy. I have so much. Can't I share to give others more?

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