Thursday, January 31, 2013

funny, medicated phil

I was just reflecting on how Phil had a minor procedure done
in the summer about two weeks after we were married. The first
things he said as he was still groggily coming out of the anesthesia were:

"you're pretty."


"i reaaalllly want pizza."

{my funny, alien husband. i just adore him.}

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


^^just thinking about warm weather, 
blue skies and green grass...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

365 challenge: week 4

sunday, january 20

a take of saint george from the living room.

monday, january 21
phil and I watched MLK Jr.'s enitre "I have a dream" speech for 
FHE and then I did homework until 2 in the morning in the front room.
it gets COLD in our front room so I donned a warm headdress to help me get
through some readings without chilling over.

tuesday, january 22
this is on our fridge. I cut it out of a NY Times
and I just think it's

wednesday, january 23
I broke my 365 challenge today by not taking a picture. Oops.
With all that's going on, I totally forgot. BUT, 364 days won't be a totally failure.

thursday, january 24
there was freezing rain that covered EVERYTHING with
a thin film of extreeeeeemely slippery ice. KSL said that between 5am and
noon there were over 179 car accidents combined in this area.
And, walking? It was nearly impossible. 
 this was our iced over windshield ^^

friday, january 25
we went on a well-deserved date night after a week of
getting home from school after 8 every night.

saturday, january 26
a wonderful lunch with even more
wonderful company. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

proverbial freeways

you think that you've finally found a small degree of balance in life 
and that you are adjusting well to new situations, changes, 
schedules, etc, and then someone decides that you 
could definitely pile it higher and then
and suddenly things just went from going 
100 mph on the freeway of life to a speed
way more out of your control and abilities.

this is all vague {and that was one looooong sentence},
 I know. 
I just needed to express the thought that life never seems 
to slow down. ever. and yet, that's okay,
because, in the end, everything just seems to
miraculously work out.

in other less ambiguous news,
I got a new lipstick. yay!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

black to white: photo frame change

we've had this photo frame since our wedding,
and I've never been quite sure how I wanted to
use it. the quote on the front is nice, but I felt it would
be more versatile as a frame if it was a solid color.

the only color of paint I had on hand at the moment 
was white and the only brush I had was an old makeup brush
that I found after realizing that I didn't even have a proper brush
(sounds like I need to go to a craft store soon...).
despite the modest materials, everything went smoothly and 

with a few coats of paint the frame was transformed.

it may seem small and inconsequential, but I love being able
to be creative and beautify our little home one small project at a time.


Monday, January 21, 2013

desert promenade

on sunday we took a long walk along
a path next to the virgin river.

the weather was a perfect blend of
warmth and afternoon cool.

we saw an informational poster on the path
and decided that the names of these poor fish
 would make for terrible terms of endearment.
"hey, dear flannelmouth sucker..." "what's up, my sweet river chub?"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 challenge: week 3

sunday, january 13
we had a gigantic omelette for breakfast, 
and grapefruit season has begun.

 monday, january 14
this is what our sink looks like in the morning
after we decide that sleeping is preferable to getting
sudsy with the dinner plates.
happy morning food encrusted dishes! yay!

wednesday, january 16
I hung our wedding bouquet in the corner of the
living room months ago.

 thursday, january 17
planting a flower garden in the kitchen
in an effort to bring springtime early
(if only inside the house)

friday, january 18
maybe it's time that someone invests in some new gray tights, hmm?

saturday, january 19
I am becoming my high school physics teacher
with this sock & birkenstock pairing.
in my defense, it was warm enough to wear sandals
outside here in st. george but the socks
just added some extra, desired warmth.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

thursday date night

we headed south for the weekend  to support phil's momma 
running in her one billionth marathon - seriously, 
the dear woman runs and runs and runs! it's incredible!

we were {one} excited to escape the cold that never seems 
to rise above adolescence (high of 13 today! wooh!)
to a balmy expected high of 58, 
and {two} so glad to be with family.

since we left on Friday afternoon, we decided
to have date night on Thursday {a school night! gasp!} instead.

{despite our sheepish smiles here, we really were excited to go out}

india palace is our favorite place to go 
if we want if we want good food that is tried and true.
we are just boring enough
not only to order chicken tiki marsala 
every time we go but to order two of them: 
one for phil and one for me.

and then we talk about our classes
and grad school and medical school
and what we are going to do
with the rest of our lives
and how the biggest decision of places to
move to in the future is almost 99.9% based
on how warm that place is.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"care"-amel OR "car"amel? a sauce by any other name would taste as sweet.

so, I know it's only been a few weeks since I made a certain goal 
about avoiding sweets, and I was doing pretty okay UNTIL
I stumbled across (or was seeking out?) our homemade
sauce in the back of the fridge and decided 
that my morning oatmeal needed a bit of sweetness.
and on came the brown, syrupy goodness!

I love caramel on just about anything (even oatmeal),
and the recipe that I use for this 
sauce {below} is incredibly easy and delicious.
it only requires three ingredients,
{sugar, butter, and cream}
and can be a sweet gift to give to a friend.

it's also low in fat.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

stop and listen: violin virtuoso and social commentary

joshua bell, one of the finest classical musicians, plays an impromptu performance of one of the most challenging and elegant pieces of music (bach's "chaconne") on one of the most valuable violins ever made in the early morning rush at the DC Metro. 

The whole thing was arranged as an experiment
 to see if the busy commuters would stop and listen.

Monday, January 14, 2013


it's been SO cold this month!
on the weather station this morning it said
that it was 1 degree F outside but that
"it felt like -11." awesome. not. :/

(utah did not get the global warming message...)

 but it finally snowed last week and it was not only BEAUTIFUL
but gave the cold something productive 
to offer 
besides icy morning windshields and frozen eyelashes.

look at those whimsical flakes (and phil's moonwalking?)!

the only thing that would have been more perfect
along with this fairy snowfall would have been
a SNOW DAY the next day so we could sleep-in

 and drink late morning hot chocolate.
but this is college and big kids don't get snow
days, darn it.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

365 Challenge: Week 2

sunday, january 6
thank you, ikea, for keeping our couch colorful

monday, january 7
just getting home after our first day back at school
(the last first day for me!)

tuesday, january 8
taco tuesday is serious around these parts

wednesday, january 9
polka polka

thursday, january 10
we filed our taxes and felt so rich afterwards
that we decided to *splurge* on some fatty beto's burritos

friday, january 11
flashback to new caledonia when I found these old photos
(of new cal itself back in the 50's) scattered all over the sidewalk next
to a trash can that had tumbled over. someone was trying to
rid themselves of these vintage prints! well, one man's trash
is now this {wo}man's treasure.

saturday, january 12
cute swedish cookie

Friday, January 11, 2013

ice cream in the 4°F weather?

a recent conversation:
me: hey, phil? I know we're both pretty sick and feeling 
crummy, but...I really think we need to get some ice cream.
phil: that's a great idea! let's go.

 I mean, we
 really needed
a boost of sugar instead of vitamin c, right????

I just have this inkling that we are going to make such excellent 
parents one day giving our children sweets when they really need spinach...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

harold b. lee {library} VS husband

Dear Philip,

I promise not to let this happen this semester:


You win, hands (and books) down.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

365 challenge: week 1

remember how I made a goal to take a photo every day of this year?
well, here's this week's results. and, what I have learned so far? if you
wait until 11:30 pm to take a daily photograph, you'll be pretty much 
limited to whatever {interesting} objects you can find around the house...

tuesday: happy new year

wednesday: around the house

thursday: ice cream in the cold

friday: slc mcdonald's tradition before abravenel hall

 saturday: was way too cold!