Tuesday, December 31, 2013

oh hi

 ^^ did you know that the sweetest little babe in town lives at our house??

Friday, December 27, 2013

the first week of life

for simon has been preeeetty rough.
he has been forced to nap with his dad in

the warm, comfy bed every day.

grandma has the nerve to dote on him unabashedly.

someone (his great-grandma) gave
him five dollars for his savings account for christmas.

and I have snuggled and kissed him
so much that his future friends are sure to
be embarrassed on his behalf.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

simon philip

was born on december 20th in the evening. some current
 favorite activities of his are: trying to consume his hands, 
snuggling in the warm bed with us, eating, being swaddled extra tight, 
eating, lying on his papa's chest, eating, sleeping with extra sweet expressions 
on his face, and eating. he's all about the simple pleasures of baby life,
especially the all-you-can-eat mama buffet part.

the most surprising feeling of it all (and let me say, there
are a lot of emotions that come with birth and babies)
is how much you can love someone so immediately and
so unconditionally. I just wasn't expecting to feel
this much this quickly.
ah, dear little simon, we love you!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

due date

today is forty weeks and baby boy is due!
 but, you know, I'm thinking of how nice it must 
be for him to be inside of me, nicely tucked 
away from the cold (thank you, utah).
honestly, the babes can stay inside as long as 
he wants - well, hmm, maybe just for a few more days
because as good as I feel and as safe and cozy as he is,
we are thrilled about meeting him, seeing him, 
deciding whose nose he has, whose eyes he has,
watching him grow and seeing his personality develop.

we are excited to be parents.

but until he arrives, we are working on final papers and projects

and decorating the new place we moved into about two weeks ago (hallelujah!)
and going on little dates about town and singing christmas songs and
eating ikea gingersnaps with hot chocolate.

come soon, little boy!
everything is ready for you.
even the christmas tree.

^^ that little center rabbit was mine as a baby.
we're passing the love on down.

Monday, December 2, 2013

baby shower and blanket making

phil's dear momma threw me a baby shower
last weekend. it was beautiful!

and, in other news, we're in the count down to
baby time. two.five weeks! which means = any time now.
wow. wow. wow. (!) his crib is all set up (merci, ikea),
his little clothes put away, his changing table all
set up with tiny diapers and piles of wipes. 
and, am pleased to announce
that I am still be able to bend over/pliƩ to tie my
shoes, which is perhaps a simple thing but one
made more complicated when you have
a large balloon in your mid-regions.
and, since I am in total nesting mode, I made 
another blanket this week from an old sheet I found 
(and washed, of course) from a local consignment 
store. I love this pattern. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

happy birthday to me

it was my birthday this week!
phil made me a wonderful breakfast
and gave me some beautiful presents
and then we went to school and
we had masala madness for dinner
and I just felt so happy.
year twenty-five of life has been
 full of 
adventure and fun: we have traveled, moved,
grown a soon-to-be-born child (well, maybe less we 

and more I), graduated, read good literature, 
watched a lot of netflix, snuggled daily, 
loved each better, grown in faith and in hope,
tried our best to serve and love others, 
developed better habits (though we haven't
kicked the whole need to eat a little dessert every night...), 

grown closer to our family, eaten many a hi-chew
(I include that only because I am eating some right now),

commenced on the road to become masters of art and of science,
saved for the future, and have found that life, though
totally full of some pretty crazy potholes,

continues to lay down a path of joy before us.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

baby, baby, baby ohhh!

we love laura sumrak. she has been has been creating 
 incredible images for us since our engagement. 
we are so grateful not only to be the beneficiaries
 of her talent but to be her friend.
go to her website and see more of her
beautiful work. 

Friday, November 8, 2013


november is the last full month of
phil and I being a childless couple 
(that is, if you 
don't include either of us in a description of "child").
we are having a lot of fun spending time together,
just the two of us, before our sweet babe makes his 
entrance into our lives. 

 ^^ this is our wedding cake topper. it was still good even nearly a year
and a half later.

 halloween as hippies with a love child

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

34 weeks!

34 weeks!

and currently in the mood for cereal all day long.

there was a bag of berry colossal crunch on the breakfast
table this morning and I may have let out a whoop. yeah, so 

speaking of cereal, I think I need some right now...

i'm still sleeping quite soundly and comfortably,
and even though my bladder is quickly losing
its normal place in my lower regions (and diminishing 

in size), it's a lot more resilient than I was expecting it to be.
thank you, body.

the most excitement in my life is reading lots of Balzac

and dreaming of this one stroller/car seat travel system
that I gush over. ohhhhh! and then visualizing little boy
all snuggled up in the car seat - ohhhhhhh!!

I just feel so happy. phil is happy too. I can see it
all over his face especially when he can feel
and see the babe's movements, which are many
 these days. if his movements are a sign of recognition or content,

this boy sure seems to know his papa because when phil was giving a 
talk in church on sunday, he started rolling around 
and kickboxing in my belly. also, he seems to enjoy my french 
classes because he is all over the place during those hours 
too. really, he already knows the key to his mama's heart:
his dad and french. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

weekend special

from this and last weekend

1. going off to play dress-up at h&m before:
2. having our annual dinner for jackie's birthday
3. thirty weeks of baby 
4. mission reunion and seeing these two beautiful friends
5/6. lunch on saturday with phil where he finally got the rice and beans he's been craving all week (and I thought that I was the only one that would get cravings during this pregnancy...)
7. sunday afternoon session of general conference. as you can tell, there were just a select few in attendance.