Saturday, December 8, 2012

countdown to a cruise!

when Phil purchased my wedding ring he also got this "free" cruise to Mexico that
went along with the ring. I put that "free" in there because he 
did have to buy the ring first. but, it's a snazzy deal, right? 
anyway the only time that we can take this cruise is
 during the few weeks we have for Christmas break 
since we have been and will be too busy to do one before 
the offer expires (1 year after purchase). anyway,
you can just imagine how great and relaxing and un-school-like
this little cruise will be. we are so thrilled!

we have no idea what to do on the cruise.
there are so many options and free things
that we can do, but we only have a few days and
there is so much.

what should we do?
what are the best things you have done on a cruise?
suggestions, please!


thank you, little ring.

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