Monday, December 24, 2012

california christmas break: the cruise

right after our final finals of the semester, Phil and I packed the car and began the long journey down the 15 freeway to California. Phil drove the entire way - what a champ!

 the next day, we arrived at the cruise ship port in the Long Beach harbor, boarded and began our little vacation down to Ensenada, Mexico. I'm not sure that we ever quite found our "sea legs," but we didn't get seasick. The skies stayed overcast during the entire voyage,  but Phil and I entertained ourselves by going to the comedy shows and dance shows on board, eating, taking a beautiful bus tour of the coast of Ensenada, eating, sleeping in late every morning, eating all the free room service we could, taking naps, eating, exploring the boat, and eating some more. 

we figured out before the cruise that you can order anything and as much of anything that you want. after our first night at dinner and the ensuing stomach ache,  we wondered if such knowledge was fortunate or unfortunate....

excited about our first night at dinner

in the "Paris Lounge"

what every morning looked like:

our little terry cloth friend

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