Monday, December 31, 2012

california chirstmas break: building up to christmas day

we went back home to california for christmas, and the week leading up
to the big day was spent quietly and inconspicuously in a state of PURE laziness.
it was so nice.
 it's funny how quickly one can transition from intense studying to
complete inertia. let's just say that we accomplished the transformation like

phil did have a day of productivity when he shadowed a doctor at a nearby hospital, but besides that we: 

1. watched two full seasons of Downton Abbey
2. ate lots of cookies and enjoyed the full cupboard of food at my parents' house
3. caught up on some reading
4. slept in (me more than the curly headed one) 
4. and, to avoid total inactivity, took a few nature walks around the lake. 

isn't this place goooorgeous?

we also enjoyed the church christmas party with the presence of santa
as well as the company of friends and families that we haven't see in a long time. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

california christmas break: ensenada

we thought our stop in Ensenada was beautiful!
the views of the coast and the Pacific were incredible,
and I got to put my rusty Spanish to good use. 

gracias, Mexico!

notice anything here??

oh, the salsa!

Monday, December 24, 2012

california christmas break: the cruise

right after our final finals of the semester, Phil and I packed the car and began the long journey down the 15 freeway to California. Phil drove the entire way - what a champ!

 the next day, we arrived at the cruise ship port in the Long Beach harbor, boarded and began our little vacation down to Ensenada, Mexico. I'm not sure that we ever quite found our "sea legs," but we didn't get seasick. The skies stayed overcast during the entire voyage,  but Phil and I entertained ourselves by going to the comedy shows and dance shows on board, eating, taking a beautiful bus tour of the coast of Ensenada, eating, sleeping in late every morning, eating all the free room service we could, taking naps, eating, exploring the boat, and eating some more. 

we figured out before the cruise that you can order anything and as much of anything that you want. after our first night at dinner and the ensuing stomach ache,  we wondered if such knowledge was fortunate or unfortunate....

excited about our first night at dinner

in the "Paris Lounge"

what every morning looked like:

our little terry cloth friend

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

flashback: l'amour

last year today
(or, really, two days and a year ago- oops!)
phil and I went on this great date where
we played dress up at H&M
and ate gyros
and went to Temple Square in SLC

and when we came home
we exchanged presents and
Phil said that he loved me
and I said that I loved him.

I would call that a good day to remember.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


some summertime flowers for this december day.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

countdown to a cruise!

when Phil purchased my wedding ring he also got this "free" cruise to Mexico that
went along with the ring. I put that "free" in there because he 
did have to buy the ring first. but, it's a snazzy deal, right? 
anyway the only time that we can take this cruise is
 during the few weeks we have for Christmas break 
since we have been and will be too busy to do one before 
the offer expires (1 year after purchase). anyway,
you can just imagine how great and relaxing and un-school-like
this little cruise will be. we are so thrilled!

we have no idea what to do on the cruise.
there are so many options and free things
that we can do, but we only have a few days and
there is so much.

what should we do?
what are the best things you have done on a cruise?
suggestions, please!


thank you, little ring.