Saturday, November 10, 2012

the day we spent more than we've ever spent before: CAR

back story: our 1995 Toyota Tercel is on its way out to car heaven. we went to the mechanic yesterday and the diagnosis wasn't good. the surgery to heal her is too expensive and she's just too old. lately, she's been doing this charming thing of stalling in the middle of intersections (which is a really effective wake-up call, fyi). she also doesn't have air conditioning or a functioning heater (due to the leaky radiator), so she is always very much in tune with nature's climatic changes. she has been well-used, well-loved, and although Phil and I are nostalgic about all the dating/pre-marriage months spent talking and kissing in that car after curfew (what????? we kissed before we were married?????), we decided to be big kids and get a new car all by ourselves.

and we did. Phil has spent HOURS for the past month searching and scouring the Internet to find good deals for a reliable, used car. now we know all the facts on the best used cars to buy, gas mileages, carfax details, and price ranges. and today, after finding an excellent deal and then haggling to get an even better deal, we took the plunge. we have a car! it's OURS! of course, it isn't fancy or sporty or glitzy (no wings or spoilers here, thank goodness), but it will fill our needs for many years to come. all in all, we just feel, well, "happy of ourselves"

plus, seriously, the purchasing bit was all worth it to see Phil in such an excited state (right before we went to buy it) that he was JUMPING all over the house and squealing. Yes, that's my manly man.

phil with the dealer and our blue beauty

in all the excitement, we forgot to get a good shot of the car itself,
but our happy faces are more important. we must have forgotten how empty our pockets were...

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  1. I so know woes of on-their-last-leg cars! My old car required 24 quarts of oil to coax it from SLC to PHX when we moved last summer. It totally gave up the ghost in my parent's driveway. CONGRATS! Another step towards "adulthood". Ha ha! Love ya Laurel!