Tuesday, November 27, 2012

my golden birthday

it was my 25th birthday on Sunday the 25th.
I am now a quarter of a century old and, honestly, 
not much more the wiser for it.
however, I do know how to pump my own gas and build a campfire -
just not at the same time, of course. leave that to Zoolander.

oh, 24 has been so good to me!
andI know that 25 will be nothing less than

here's some of the birthday activities (that happened on saturday):

we went to IKEA! I told Phil months ago that I wanted to eat here on my birthday. it was all inspired by his niece, Penny, wanting to eat here on her birthday. she's 4, and she clearly knows what's good.

 this was swedish meatball (k√∂ttbullar) heaven.

later that night we went to another restaurant favorite: black sheep cafe
remember the first time we went there?

 we drank the pink prickly pear cactus juice again
and ate navajo tacos

it was a day full of food and birthday love.
I am so grateful for all the phone calls and 

messages from dear ones near and far.
it was simply a marvelous weekend.

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  1. Happy Birthday! ikea is the best place to celebrate a birthday, no doubt. we are sending you something in the mail!