Saturday, November 3, 2012

a night at the symphony

back in september, the utah symphony orchestra had an attractive deal for student tickets to the symphony during their current concert season, and we bit.  last night was the first concert in the series we chose, and it was one that Phil was especially excited about: Rhapsody in Blue - An Evening of Jazz Favorites. It was full of soul, clarinet runs, and genuine Gerswhin goodness. 

 pre-concert nutrition the stylish way: at McDo's.

the afterglow.

P.S. The most astounding fact of the night though was when the conductor, Jerry Steichen, told the audience that he remembered working with the soprano singing that night (Lisa Vroman) on
The Phantom of the Opera twenty years ago. First of all, Lisa Vroman, decked in a sparkling, form-fitting gown, looked no more than 30-35ish. Maybe she started an early opera career? Phil and I, intrigued, look on Wikipedia last night and found out that she is 56! I only pray that I'll look as good in a dress dipped in shimmer when I arrive at that age...

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