Saturday, November 24, 2012

a little bit of this and that from these past few months

looking at photos is one of my top distractors from all productivity. 
other beloved culprits that fight against homework completion: Philip, hot chocolate time, VSauce videos (they are CRAZY in a good way - don't click on that link unless you too would like to be majorly distracted), and overwhelming needs to nap. 

anyway, I came across some photos from these past few months 
and spent too much time looking over them and wanted to share the distraction. 

Phil I and I went to President Monson's birthday celebration in Salk Lake at the Conference Center near Temple Square. 

this was as we walked around eating squeaky cheese at Swiss Days up in Midway. I had just given Phil a haircut that morning (thus, the shortness of his do). it was the first time I have ever taken the shears to Phil's curly head and, although you can't see it here, I shed some tears of stress over it since I had no idea what I was doing. in the end, it turned out just fine.

we made a fort and hunkered down in the front room one Saturday night.

we went to General Conference with my brother Alex and his new wife, Tara.

we went to the Utah Symphony and saw Hilary Hahn! I choose this night specifically because I discovered Hilary Hahn about a year ago (as I searched for good classical music to drone out other voices in the office) and wanted to see her perform live. she was a child prodigy violinist and debuted with huge international orchestras before she was 15! Yeah, no big deal...
she's about 30 now, but she gave a fantastic performance and an encore solo. her sound was so clean and lovely. give her a listen.

we like green smoothies, and we like our little homemade melted bead flags underneath

first snow in the mountains.

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