Tuesday, October 30, 2012

weekend adventures: CA

two weekends ag0 we drove home to california.
it felt like a mini vacation in the midst of this draining semester.

we attended my brother's wedding, the baptism of his wife the next day, 
dinner with the entire family (including all those beautiful nieces and nephew),
and then we began our trip home sunday morning.

around 1pm we were cruising through the desert near Baker, California. if you try and search for Baker on a map you will see that it's in the area of Nowhereville, USA. There is a giant thermometer there as well as a Greek restaurant  Besides that, there is nothing except cacti and lots of sand. And, of course, it is at this point on the trip that our sweet Sentra (who just turned 250,000 miles old) decided suddenly that it wanted a brand new alternator and hated the old one. We (and when I say "we" I mean "I" since Phil and Kristina were dozing off at the exciting moment) navigated the lifeless Sentra to the side of the road and sat in a daze for a second as trucks wizzed by. Then we got all savvy smart and called AAA. A very nice tow truck man came, hefted the beast onto the truck and carted us off to Las Vegas, a mere 80 miles further down the road. However, the AAA bundle we have only provides 7 free miles of tow. After that it is $8 per mile. You just do that math and figure out how much that little voyage cost. Ouch.

However, when we arrived in Vegas we started counting our blessings. Not only was there a mechanic shop open (on Sunday, people -- this was definitely not Provo, Utah and we were thankful) but they were also not busy. So, we rolled right in when we arrived and were out about an hour later. It did cost another pretty penny, but all was smooth on the ride back. We were safe, we had been well-served (and they, well-compensated), and by 11 that night we were back home and in our beds. If that's not a Visa card commercial right there, then I don't what else could be.

All in all, it was a memorable weekend. 

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